Is Lemon And Cucumber Water Good For Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that causes a person's body to not regulate glucose blood levels as efficiently as it should. This can cause people to experience undesirable symptoms and can increase their risk of developing other chronic conditions.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, many people try to make lifestyle changes, which are among the most effective treatment options for reducing their symptoms. They may have heard that taking certain supplements or trying remedies like lemon and cucumber water can help to alleviate their symptoms of diabetes.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of lemon and cucumber water for diabetes.

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How important is diet when you have diabetes?

Eating a balanced diet is one of the most important ways people with diabetes can keep their blood sugars at healthy levels, which can reduce their symptoms in both the short and long term.

Some people think they have to cut out certain foods completely or go on a crash diet to help their diabetes, but these strategies may actually worsen symptoms.

The best diet for people with diabetes incorporates several servings of:

  • Vegetables

  • Whole grains

  • Fruits

  • Other fiber-rich foods

One of the most effective eating regimes for people with diabetes is the Mediterranean diet. This balanced way of eating gives you plenty of room to incorporate your favorite foods (even desserts!) while focusing on eating larger amounts of foods that contain plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

In addition to eating a more nutritious diet, exercise is also recommended for keeping blood sugars at a healthy level and improving overall health.

Is lemon and cucumber water good for diabetes?

Drinking lemon and cucumber water can be helpful for diabetes if it replaces sugar-sweetened beverages like sweet tea, soda, or sports drinks. It contains virtually no calories or sugar and may provide your body with small amounts of nutrients from the slices of cucumber and lemon.

Staying hydrated is important for everybody, but it is especially important for people with diabetes, as high blood glucose levels can lead to decreased hydration.

Many websites talk about how drinking lemon and cucumber water can help your body rid itself of toxins. However, there is not enough evidence to support the claim that lemons 'flush' out toxins. Fortunately, your kidneys already filter toxins out of your blood and allow you to pee them out.

The bottom line: Lemon and cucumber water is better than certain drink options (e.g. sugary ones), and it can help you stay hydrated. However, don't reach for lemon and cucumber-infused water with the expectation that it will single-handedly reduce your blood sugars and diabetes symptoms.

Health benefits of lemon and cucumber water

Although lemon and cucumber water may not be the super drink many people with diabetes hope for, it can still provide some health benefits.

A cup of sliced cucumber provides almost 20% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin K. You'll also get some:

  • Vitamin B

  • Vitamin C

  • Copper

  • Phosphorus

  • Potassium

  • Magnesium

Meanwhile, half a cup of lemons, which you probably wouldn't eat like an orange anyway, contains a high level of:

  • Vitamin C

  • Citric acid

  • Iron

Bear in mind that while you may ingest some of these nutrients if you drink lemon and cucumber water, you won't benefit as much as if you ate them. This is especially true when talking about fiber, a type of carbohydrate that can:

  • Keep you feeling fuller for longer

  • Help keep your digestion running smoothly

  • Help to keep your blood sugars at a healthy level

If drinking lemon and cucumber water helps you drink more water than you normally would, it may also decrease your appetite, which, in turn, can help you lose weight.

How do you make lemon and cucumber water?

Infused water is a versatile way to add flavor to your water using ingredients to hand. To make cucumber and lemon-infused water, you could purchase a special pitcher that allows you to put your ingredients in a compartment for easy removal, or you can use a regular pitcher and strain out the fruit when you drink the water.

Here's how to make lemon and cucumber water:

  1. After washing your lemon and cucumber, slice both thinly.

  2. Place them into a pitcher, and fill the container with water.

  3. Use the amount of cucumber and lemon slices that suits your taste.

  4. Leave for a few hours, or overnight.

  5. Remove the cucumber and lemon slices.

  6. Enjoy your infused water!

Keep your infused water in the refrigerator, as the fruit in the water can allow bacteria to grow rapidly at room temperature, which can make you sick if you drink it. Your infused water can last up to six days in the refrigerator. Discard it if it looks off or is older than six days.

Potential side effects of lemon and cucumber water

Drinking lemon and cucumber water won't cause any side effects for most people, especially when ingested in moderation. However, drinking too much can worsen acid reflux symptoms in some people. It can also damage tooth enamel over time, as lemon is highly acidic.

If you want to drink cucumber and lemon water without damaging your teeth, try using a straw, or brush your teeth after drinking it (wait for 30 minutes before brushing to allow your enamel to reharden).

The lowdown

It's tempting to think that something as easy as drinking cucumber and lemon water can drastically reduce diabetes symptoms and improve overall health.

However, it is unlikely to provide major health benefits unless it replaces other habits like drinking soda or smoking. Many people find cucumber and lemon water a refreshing beverage, and it may encourage you to drink more water, which can help curb your appetite.

If you have diabetes, be sure to work closely with your doctor to create a comprehensive management plan that can help reduce your symptoms and keep you feeling well.

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