Take charge of your health, your life, your future.

And the future of others. You’re bringing forward better interventions, tests, and new treatments. You’re helping the development of medication that can improve lives, and prevent deaths. All from a clinical trial.

How will you benefit from a clinical trial?

Latest treatments and medications

Access cutting-edge treatments and new medications unavailable elsewhere – entirely free of charge.

Access to leading specialists

Trained research teams who have a deep understanding of your condition will provide you with specialised advice, care and support.

Extensive medical care

Closer monitoring of your condition, care and treatment throughout. You may also receive more frequent health care check-ups.

Understand your condition

Trials give you the chance to take control of your health, deepen your knowledge of your condition, leading to a more positive outlook.

Reduce side effects

New investigational and experimental treatments can reduce the undesirable effects of current medications on the market.

Improve quality of life

Not only are you contributing to research that may change your quality of life, but it may also save the lives of people with the same condition for generations to come.


of clinical trial participants rated the care they received during the trial as better than treatment they would have otherwise received1


of rare diseases have an approved drug treatment2


of patients say one of their main motivations in participating in clinical trials is to help future patients3

Why should you take part?

Taking part in a clinical trial can be a scary thought – but you’re not alone.4 In Australia 1,000 new clinical trials are commenced each year. And 5.2 million people participated in trials between 2006-2015.5


of participants said they’d be willing to participate in another study in the future.6

But that’s not all. Every treatment your doctor prescribes underwent a clinical trial. Every medication a pharmacist distributes to you went through a trial. If you look at breast cancer treatments – Herceptin, tamoxifen, aromatase, inhibitors, taxanes – all these exist because of people who participated in clinical trials for cancer research. You can help advance major, life-changing treatments just by taking part.

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Updated June 2020