Help shape the future of healthcare.

Clinical trials drive medical breakthroughs, discovering new ways to prevent, detect, and treat diseases. By joining a clinical trial today, you can contribute to advancements that may benefit your health and the health of future generations.

What are the potential benefits of clinical trial participation?

Investigational treatments and medications

Access investigational treatments and medications – at no cost to you.

Access to leading specialists

Receive specialized care and support from trained research teams who have an in-depth understanding of your condition.

Accessible participation

Ensuring that clinical trials are accessible and inclusive is crucial. To support this goal, health insurance is typically not required for participation.

Understand your condition

Trials can give you the chance to deepen your knowledge of your condition and learn more about potential advances.


Many clinical trials may offer compensation or reimbursement for participants’ time.

Research saves lives

Not only are you contributing to research that may benefit you, but it may also save the lives of people with the same condition for generations to come.


of clinical trial participants rated the care they received during the trial as better than treatment they would have otherwise received1


of rare diseases have an approved drug treatment2


of patients say one of their main motivations in participating in clinical trials is to help future patients3
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Updated May 2024