We’re changing the future of medicine

HealthMatch is a partner to sponsors and innovators across the biopharma industry working to change the future of medicine. Since 2017, HealthMatch has built a community of over 1.3 million patients seeking clinical trials; and offers recruitment services and patient insights to solve commercial and trial-design challenges.

Patients first, for all patients

Our mission began with a vision to accelerate medical research allowing for faster and more efficient access to life-changing treatments. Through innovative technology that puts the metaphorical steering wheel back in the hands of the patient, our goal is to make the process of finding and accessing clinical trials as simple as possible for all.

We work with trial sponsors, clinical/contract research organizations (CROs), sites, and others across the industry to aid in clinical trial recruitment, trial site management and trial protocol design.

HealthMatch is here to empower patients to not only understand their treatment options, but also to gain access. In turn, this reduces the recruitment burden on trial sites and accelerates the process in which new treatments reach the market.

We’re making this a reality

Since our launch in 2019, we have welcomed over 1.3 million patients to our platform with over 3.6 million matches to clinical trials - a testament to the success of our aim to democratize clinical trials. We help to make them visible and available to as many people as possible - especially those that might not have the time, expertise or connections to do so themselves.

50+ million
data points from our patient-centric questionnaire are helping shape clinical trial enrolment and design
1.3+ million
patients across the United States, Australia and New Zealand are actively seeking clinical trials with HealthMatch
3.6+ million
patients have matched with a clinical trial through using the HealthMatch platform

Founding story

I founded HealthMatch in 2017, after witnessing first hand the challenges of patients looking to gain access to clinical trials.

In my final years of medical school, I worked in neuro-oncology research particularly focussed on Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumours, an incurable and aggressive form of brain cancer.

At the lab I came to learn of two young people, both in their thirties with the same diagnosis. A young man and woman, in the prime of their lives. The woman’s father was a doctor, and could effectively navigate the medical system. He worked tirelessly to get her onto a trial. She’s alive today. I unfortunately heard this story from the young man’s parents after he had passed away, who had wished they had known of trials as an option.

It was incredibly frustrating seeing how difficult it was for researchers to find appropriate patients and how reliant patients were on their doctors having knowledge, I became resolute in finding a solution for connecting patients to clinical trials. Knowledge of treatment options should not be limited by geography or access to leading specialists.

HealthMatch is about empowering patients to not only understand their treatment options, but gain access. Every person deserves this and by reaching the largest audience as a global community we all benefit from fast-tracked new medicines.

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