Reach motivated patients in the most efficient way possible.

At HealthMatch, our patient centric approach empowers patients to precisely match with your clinical trials. Our technology is trial site agnostic, allowing every patient equal access to the latest medical breakthroughs.

Why work with us - a patient first approach

HealthMatch brings focus to clinical trials and makes the process of patients understanding their treatment options simple.

Through a wide reaching multi-channel marketing and partnership approach HealthMatch reaches a diverse base of interested patients, often outside of typical trial site networks. Giving sponsors access to the largest pool of motivated participants screened against protocol eligibility.

Patients experience a concierge service when using HealthMatch, enabled at scale through proprietary technology which makes the process of matching and applying to clinical trials as simple as possible. This results in a significant reduction in screening burden for Trial Sites and increased performance for Sponsors.

Improved speed

8 times

faster than traditional recruitment
Motivated patients


growing patient pool using HealthMatch to find clinical trials
Condition areas


from rare cancers to chronic conditions access a broad pool of participants

The HealthMatch advantage

HealthMatch’s direct-to-patient approach can reduce recruitment timelines to weeks, not months.

Access to greater pool of patients

Sponsors can target greater patient populations that exist outside of traditional trial sites and databases (electronic medical records). Patients that use HealthMatch are motivated and interested in participating in clinical trials.

Reduced recruitment timelines

Direct access to motivated patients significantly reduces recruitment timelines. HealthMatch has a fast growing user base with a diverse range of conditions, representing a significant portion of the population

Robust screening against eligibility

HealthMatch collects and structures patient and clinical trial eligibility data (inclusion and exclusion criteria) to achieve deterministic - not probabilistic- matching of patients, reducing burden on trial sites and investigators. HealthMatch conducts the most thorough screening of any automated solution.

Frictionless trial placement

Our Patient Success team works alongside trial sites to simplify the patient placement process and accelerate enrolment. By providing a concierge service to both patients and trial sites, we reduce the friction of enrolment and improve retention.

Clinical trial data insights

HealthMatch provides sponsors with insights into trial performance and patient interest in therapeutic areas.

Optimise protocol encoding

We collaborate with you to encode your eligibility criteria onto our platform and optimise performance.

Solution for all

HealthMatch works with Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Contract Research Organisations to deliver leading patient recruitment and data insights.


We offer our recruitment solutions at scale, and provide detailed reporting into recruitment progress


We support sponsors running only a few trials as much as larger sponsors


We will work with you and your client to optimise your trial on our website

End-to-end automation

HealthMatch takes multiple sources of patient data, and continually checks that data against trial eligibility criteria. Matches are high fidelity and happen 8x faster than the traditional recruitment approach.

Partnering with HealthMatch

We partner with innovative organisations that champion patients and look to accelerate the speed at which life changing treatments can reach the market.

Recent studies

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Phase I/II Studies for Sleep Apnea
Phase III Study for Atopic Dermatitis
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Neuropathic Pain Study
Depression Study


Trusted by leading patient groups

HealthMatch has partnered with leading patient advocacy groups to provide their members with access to the latest breakthroughs and research.

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  • HealthMatch supports the recruitment of investigator-initiated studies by providing our services free of charge.

  • Investigator-initiated studies must not have any commercial funding sources for drug or medical device development.

  • HealthMatch takes consent, privacy and data storage incredibly seriously. We employ the best in class securitisation and follow best practice in our privacy policy and terms of use (from consultation with leading health TMT lawyers) to ensure transparency.

  • You can find more information on both our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  • HealthMatch takes Data Security very seriously.

  • Working comprehensively with industry-leading lawyers, we have developed a robust framework and policies surrounding our collection, use and storage of patient data.

  • We employ strong data securitisation techniques (our database is encrypted at rest with AES-258), have tight internal controls over access, and a comprehensive IT policy.

  • All patient details are encrypted when in transit and at rest utilising SSL/TLS encryption in transit (between all layers of the application).

  • HealthMatch has strict standards around security, privacy and third-party usage standards, with multi-factor authentication enforced for all employee and contractor credentials.

HealthMatch uses a multifaceted marketing approach to build and grow its patient network.

As HealthMatch markets the platform as a whole and specific condition areas (not trials), we can effectively execute an ‘always-on’ multi-channel strategy. Sponsors working with HealthMatch benefit from our continued investment and relationship development in industry and with patients.

Our key channels include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient reviews

  • Industry Partnerships

  • Press Releases

  • Medical Expert Communities

  • Community Engagement

  • Organise Digital Presence

  • Traditional Advertising

  • Digital Advertising

Three key benefits, all underpinning the shared goal of advancing the medical research industry:

  • No costs to trial sites HealthMatch does not charge any fees to Trial Sites for patient recruitment. This is covered by commercial arrangements with trial sponsors.

  • Access larger patient pools HealthMatch gives exposure to a population pool beyond existing patient databases. Our patient outreach channels and awareness campaigns also go beyond what can be achieved from traditional recruitment channels.

  • Pre-screen candidates HealthMatch matches patients to eligible trials through a detailed questionnaire. This screens most ineligible patients and significantly reduces the burden on trial sites, with HealthMatch helping to connect high-fidelity, highly motivated patients to clinical trials.

  • We are the “One-Stop Shop” to find clinical trials. Patients are in control of their health journey and are empowered to determine all healthcare options available.

  • Our medical questions are designed for Patients. HealthMatch has made clinical trial eligibility patient friendly, so that patients can complete their questionnaire and apply for a trial in minutes.

  • We support patients throughout the process, from starting the search to being successfully placed into a trial. The ‘Patient Success’ team offers a white-glove service to our patients, ensuring that they feel supported throughout their clinical trial journey.

Patients use HealthMatch to find trials specific to their condition that they are likely to be eligible for. This is achieved by asking them a short questionnaire about their medical history. We build the questions in this questionnaire based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria of various trial protocols, including yours.

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