Expedite trial recruitment and reach more patients with HealthMatch

HealthMatch helps sponsors accelerate clinical trial enrollment so that trial sites can focus on the work that matters the most.

The HealthMatch Advantage


faster than traditional recruitment


motivated patients


condition areas

Demonstrate reduced recruitment timelines and measurable ROI

HealthMatch helps you optimize your clinical trial budget so that you can hit your enrollment goals faster and more efficiently. We provide advanced reporting so that you know earlier and with more accuracy where your recruitment efforts are seeing the most success.

Get access to a diverse patient population

Traditional recruitment has typically limited their search for study participants to people who already have access to healthcare, creating a substantial gap in trial participant diversity. HealthMatch helps reach new populations through its multi-channel approach to recruitment and proprietary screening technology, which enables sponsors to extend trial participation opportunities to underserved communities and counteract biases.

Take the recruitment burden away from trial sites

Make enrollment easier for sites so they can focus on the work that matters the most. Our Trial Site Portal is designed to simplify and accelerate the patient workflow by allowing sites to review medical data for eligible patients, send automatic notifications, and bulk accept or reject - all within our platform. All patients referred to you will have actively opted into the trial and been pre-screened against your trial criteria.

Unearth rich patient recruitment data sooner

HealthMatch will give you a unified view over the patient enrollment funnel so that condition insights can be shared easily and automatically between sites and sponsors.

Run faster, more predictable clinical trials

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What is HealthMatch?

HealthMatch is a service that connects patients to clinical trials. We are driven by a mission to accelerate medical research allowing for faster and more efficient access to life-changing medication.

What countries are HealthMatch currently available in?

We currently have over 1 million patients in our community across the US and Australia, which continues to grow rapidly everyday.

How do you manage data security?

We implement rigorous data securitisation techniques, working comprehensively with industry-leading lawyers to develop a robust framework surrounding our collection, use and storage of patient data.

  • Our database is encrypted at rest with AES-258.
  • All patient details are encrypted when in transit and at rest utilising SSL/TLS encryption in transit (between all layers of the application).
  • HealthMatch has strict standards around security, privacy and third-party usage standards, with multi-factor authentication enforced for all employee and contractor credentials.

You control the data you share with other clinical trial stakeholders, as appropriate.

Which sites benefit from using HealthMatch?

HealthMatch works most efficiently when all trial sites are onboarded. HealthMatch services all types of research sites including academic medical centers (AMC), sites in hospital settings and private clinics, independent research sites and site networks.

What is the experience for patients?

HealthMatch is a one-stop shop for patients to search for clinical trials. HealthMatch has made clinical trial eligibility patient-friendly, so that patients can complete their questionnaire and apply for a trial in minutes. We support patients throughout the process, from starting the search to being successfully placed into a trial. The Patient Success team offers a white-glove service to our patients, ensuring that they feel supported throughout their clinical trial journey.

How do we get started with HealthMatch?

It’s very easy to get started with HealthMatch. Our Trial Site Success team does most of the work, including encoding your trial, and can get you up and running within a week.

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