How Effective Is Terrasil Cream For Shingles?

Shingles is an uncomfortable and often painful condition that affects people of all ages. While there isn't a cure yet, it's possible to manage the symptoms while waiting for the condition to resolve itself. One of the medications your doctor may recommend is Terrasil cream.

Terrasil cream can help relieve itching and pain associated with a shingles rash. It contains a mix of natural ingredients that can provide a soothing effect. While official studies need to be done to confirm the effectiveness of Terrasil for shingles, many people report positive results.

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What are shingles?

Shingles is a health condition caused by the varicella-zoster virus. This virus first enters the body when a person gets chickenpox. After recovery, it remains dormant in the body. Sometimes, the virus reactivates and causes shingles.

It's not always clear what causes varicella-zoster to reactivate. Usually, it's a problem with a weakened immune system or some stressful condition in the body.

Once the virus reactivates, it causes a painful and itchy rash that can also be accompanied by a fever and an upset stomach. Symptoms usually go away in two to four weeks.

There isn't a cure for shingles yet. However, it's possible to control the symptoms while the disease plays out. A doctor may prescribe antiviral medications, pain relievers, and topical remedies. They may also recommend trying an over-the-counter cream called Terrasil.

Does Terrasil work for shingles?

Terrasil can have a soothing effect that helps relieve the itching and pain of the shingles rash. It can work for some patients, while others may not feel the expected relief. This ointment hasn't received FDA approval, and today, it's classified as "unapproved homeopathic."¹

In the United States, products labeled "homeopathic" aren't reviewed by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. This means the FDA hasn’t confirmed Terrasil's ability to alleviate shingles symptoms.

However, this doesn't mean Terrasil is useless. It contains ingredients that can provide a soothing effect. A doctor may recommend this ointment if they believe it will improve your quality of life.

Active ingredients in Terrasil

Active ingredients in the Terrasil ointment are:

  • Natrum Muriaticum 3X HPUS

  • Ranunculus Bulbosus 10X HPUS  

HPUS stands for Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Both active ingredients are homeopathic. You can find these ingredients in many homeopathic medications.

Manufacturers claim that they help with allergies, pain relief, runny nose, and other conditions.

Natrum muriaticum

This ingredient is sodium chloride or table salt. It is created by dissolving salt in boiling water. The purpose of Natrum muriaticum is to restore the water-salt balance in the body and improve the overall health condition.

While this ingredient doesn't usually have any serious side effects, it could cause allergies and individual adverse reactions.  

Ranunculus bulbosus

Ranunculus bulbosus, or bulbous buttercup, is a plant that homeopaths use to treat skin conditions, nerve pain, flu, arthritis, and other conditions. Today, more research needs to be done to confirm the positive effect of this ingredient.

If used in high doses, Ranunculus bulbosus may not be safe. It may also cause allergic reactions or irritate the skin. Sometimes, when applied to the skin, it could cause blisters and burns.

Currently, there isn't any information about the way Ranunculus bulbosus works in order to provide a therapeutic effect.

Other ingredients

Inactive ingredients in Terrasil cream are also natural. They include:

  • Jojoba oil

  • Cotton seed oil

  • Bentonite

  • Beeswax

  • Palmarosa oil

  • Silver oxide

If you are planning to use Terrasil for shingles, make sure you don't have any allergic reactions to the components of the ointment.

To check this, spot-test the medication by applying it to a small patch of skin (not on the rash) and watching it for several hours. If an allergic reaction doesn't occur, you can try using the cream on your shingles rash.

How to prevent shingles

The simplest way to prevent shingles is to take advantage of a shingles vaccine. Currently, Americans who are older than 19 years old can ask their healthcare provider about a vaccine called Shingrix. This vaccine can prevent the development of shingles in 97% of cases.

If you've never had chickenpox before, you may want to consider getting a chickenpox vaccine. It can protect you against chickenpox and shingles.

The lowdown

Terrasil is a homeopathic remedy that may be able to alleviate some symptoms of shingles. However, it's not FDA-approved. Talk to your doctor about a course of treatment. They may also recommend other soothing creams.

Before using Terrasil for shingles, spot-test it to check for allergic reactions. If the symptoms don't improve in a week, stop using the ointment.

Frequently asked questions

Can Terrasil be used for shingles?

Terrasil ointment may be an effective soothing remedy for shingles, although it is not a cure. While it works for some people, it doesn't have any effect on others. Talk to your doctor about the need to use this cream. As mentioned above, it is not FDA-approved for use.

How quickly does Terrasil work?

Terrasil can start working within 24 hours. If you don't see any effect, stop using the cream and talk to your doctor.

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