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Mental Health. Because your mind matters.

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. One in five Australian’s will experience a mental illness in any year – a depressing statistic (pun intended). Whatever’s going on in your mind, we’re here to help. Find a mental health clinical trial today.

Mental Health Clinical Trials

When it comes to health, we often neglect our mind. But a mental illness is just like any other illness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and is actually very common – almost half of all Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. 

Although other people may not be able to see the effects of the illness, mental illness can affect your feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and the ability to relate to others. Many treatments are available, but what may work for one person may not work for you.

Looking for how to help someone with their mental health? At HealthMatch, we’re bringing forward tomorrow’s treatments. We have more than 30 trials available for mental health, including those researching new treatments targeting anxiety, alcohol dependence and depression. 

“Having depression is like having all your positive thoughts and feelings locked in a cage, that you have the key to… but you just can’t find.” Gwen*, 26

Mental health Illustratio


Australians die from suicide each day¹ 

1 in 7

Australians will experience depression in their lifetime²

5 million

Australians have experienced an anxiety disorder³


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Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue has been helping Australians with their mental health for 20 years. They offer support services, programs, research, advocacy and communication activities. They aim to break down the stigma, prejudice, and discrimination that act as barriers to people seeking support.

Beyond Blue Support Services

Beyond Blue offers multiple services, including a 24/7 helpline; online forums; publications; tailored coaching support, and more.


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Black Dog Institute Support Groups

Mental health medical research institute, Black Dog, offers a variety of support groups. Some meet in person, and some online. They are available in all states and territories across Australia.

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headspace is a mental health service providing support for 12 - 25 year olds. Their national online and phone support, eheadspace, provides young people with a safe place to access confidential and free support, with extended hours, expert support, and tailored services.


Mental health refers to the wide range of conditions that impact mental well-being. It is generally characterized by some combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

The most common conditions are anxiety, affective disorders (especially depression), and substance abuse disorders. Other conditions include schizophrenia; bipolar disorder; personality disorders (like borderline personality disorder); and eating disorders

The symptoms of having a mental health disorder depend on the specific condition. 

However, some common signs and symptoms include feelings of anxiousness and worry; persistent sad or low moods; emotional outbursts; problems with sleep patterns; changes in weight or appetite; suicidal ideation; deteriorating concentration or performance at school or in the workplace; withdrawing from friends or family and more.

Mental health disorders are often treated using a holistic approach. 

Effective treatments can include medication, supportive therapy, rehabilitation, lifestyle modifications, and more. These treatments are often used in combination with one another.

Technically there is no singular cure for mental illness – but most mental illness can be effectively treated. Many people, when treated appropriately, recover fully without any further episodes. Other people find that their mental illness recurs throughout their life, and requires ongoing treatment. 

A clinical trial is a scientific study involving patient or non-patient (healthy) human volunteers. They help determine whether medicines are safe and effective to introduce as new treatments for a particular disease or condition. 

HealthMatch matches you to clinical trials, in an easy-to-understand process. 

After completing a medical questionnaire, our platform searches for and filters eligible trials for you. You’re able to view matches and apply for trials, on your trial dashboard. 

We’ll put you in direct contact with the trial group once you’ve been accepted. We won’t stop searching until we’ve found you the right match. 

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*Names have been changed to protect identity