What to Expect from the Vaccine Study Waitlist

When you join the priority waitlist for vaccine trials, you’ll be the first to know about new studies and secure your spot early.

1. Stay Informed

We’ll send you a welcome email and SMS. You’ll receive regular updates and educational content on vaccine developments, health tips, and study opportunities.

2. Ongoing & Upcoming Trials

Vaccine trials are currently running and more are starting up. The right match for you might become available as soon as this week or in the next few months.

3. Trial Alerts

We’ll notify you via email and SMS when new trials open. Ensure you check your messages and save HealthMatch in your phone.

4. Trial Details

Each trial will provide detailed information about the study, including eligibility, potential compensation, and/or reimbursement for your time and expenses.

5. Next Steps

Once you’ve matched, you’ll be guided to your nearest Velocity Clinical Research site for further steps. The dedicated team at Velocity Clinical Research will arrange an appointment for you. They're known for their flexible scheduling, so you can pick a time that best suits you.

Have you considered vaccine trials?

Join our Vaccine Study Priority Waitlist to be the first to know about new and upcoming studies, including potential compensation and/or reimbursement for your time and expenses.