Medical Reviewer

Dr. Chuck Yong Kong, MBBS

Dr. Chuck Yong Kong is a general medical practitioner. He graduated from Monash University, Australia, in 2006. He has been a teaching associate with Monash for 15 years, working on the medical school’s course development, running tutorials and exams. His areas of interest include addiction medicine, occupational health, medical management, and health economics.


  • Monash University - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS


Why we have medical reviewers

Our mission is to provide health and wellness information that’s easy to understand and, most importantly, accurate. No complicated jargon or terminology that seems like it’s written in another language. No unproven or unsubstantiated claims. Just the facts - checked by a team of doctors, oncologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and many other experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to bringing you the right information when you need it.