HealthMatch medical reviewer, Carolina Estevez

Medical Reviewer

Dr. Carolina Estevez, Psy.D

Dr. Estevez is a clinical psychologist licensed in Florida. She specializes in administering and interpreting a variety of psychological tests. These include personality evaluations, diagnostic reviews, academic and neuropsychological tests, and vocational and disability assessments. She provides mental health consultation services and independent opinions on diagnoses and disability claims.

Dr. Estevez has provided individual and group psychotherapy to diverse mental health populations in inpatient, outpatient, community mental health, and substance abuse rehabilitation settings. She has worked with individuals of all ages and with various diagnoses, including mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, behavioral and developmental disorders, learning disabilities, psychotic disorders, and trauma-related disorders.

For over a decade, Dr. Estevez has worked extensively with ADHD populations of all ages. She has conducted diagnostic assessments, psychoeducational evaluations, psychotherapy, and provided recommendations for ADHD accommodations in academic and occupational settings.


  • Albizu University - Doctor of Psychology - Psy.D


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